How Does The Constitution Party Differ From Other Political Parties ?

The Constitution Party differs from other political parties in several important ways:

  • The Source of Rights.  The Constitution Party believes that the Creator bestowed upon Man certain unalienable rights.
  • The Proper Role of Government.  The Constitution Party believes that the proper role of government is to protect and defend these unalienable rights. Governments do not create rights.
  • The Basic Right of Life.  All humankind are afforded the basic right to life, whether pre-born or post-birth, subject to due process of law when one person commits a violation of rights (crime) against another.
  • The Basic Right of Liberty.  All humankind are afforded the basic right to think and act according to their conscience, as long as it does not violate the pre-existent rights of another person.
  • The Basic Right of Private Property.  For Life and Liberty to be maintained, all humankind are afforded the right to own and control private property.
  • The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land.   All laws, rules, & regulations must be weighed against constitutional restraints, according to the Original and Actual Intent of the Founders.   All international treaties must also be weighed in the same manner.
  • Defund and Dismantle.  The Constitution Party calls for the defunding and dismantling of all unconstitutionally-authorized agencies and departments.
  • Taxation.  The Constitution Party calls for the repeal of the 16th Amendment, and a return to a constitutionally-authorized means of funding the federal government.
  • Return Balance to Government.  The Constitution Party calls for a repeal of the 17th Amendment to restore the proper role of the Senate as representatives of state governments in Congress.
  • Implementation of the Tenth Amendment.  The Constitution Party calls upon state legislators to reject all unconstitutional federal laws and mandates through legal and legislative means.

Both of the two parties currently in power have consistently enacted legislation to expand the unconstitutional powers of the federal government, and continue to do so, no matter which party holds the majority.

The Constitution Party believes:

  • The First level of government; exists in the individual and in the family.
  • The Second level; is your local government.
  • The Third level; is the 50 state governments.
  • The Fourth level; is the federal government acting as an agent of the states in very limited spheres of influence.

These things are the essence of the American Constitutional Republic we seek to re-establish.